Georgia Hiking Under 5 Mikes

Hiking is such a popular activity this day in Georgia. There are many different trails that you can hike, and discover all through the state that it’s difficult to pick the right one. From the stress-free hikes that fall under 2 miles, to the more refined hikes which can begin at 6 miles and lead to overnight camping, we’ve found the more average hikes in Georgia that fall just under of 5 miles. Explore what we’ve found:

Dowdell’s Knob Loop: Pine Mountain Trail at FD Roosevelt State Park – 4.5 miles

FD Roosevelt State Park has gigantic, sprawling green land and a portion of the best backpacking and hiking trails for the person who enjoys outdoor. The Pine Mountain Trail offers about 23 miles altogether of hiking through cascading waterfalls, summit views, and rocky forest.

Three Forks at Long Creek Falls – 1.9 miles

Along the Appalachian Trail, you can hike among the big, looming hemlock trees and the lovely blossoming rhododendron, only miles from the beginning of the Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain.

Raven Cliff Falls – 4.9 miles

Raven Cliff Falls trail can be found at Chattahoochee National Forest is pack with magnificent, flowing waterfalls and stunning, mossy greenery. It comes in at just under of 5 miles altogether, however, is absolutely justified regardless of the length it takes to hike it.

Duke’s Creek Falls – 2 miles

What makes Dukes Creek Falls Trail so famous, (other than the fact that it is both dog and child friendly,) is that you can likewise hike to different waterfalls all through your trip. Take a trip to Helen, Georgia and spend a couple of hours walk through a rich, green forest.

Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve, Mountain View Trail – 2.5 miles

This is a generally new trail, just under of two-years of age. It begins along the rock and ends up crossing a small lake. There likewise is a summit, where you can see just blue skies and treetops. Additionally, make sure to look out for some lovely wildflowers in bloom.

Cloudland Canyon West Rim Loop – 4.9 miles

Voted as one of the best hikes in the whole state, the West Rim Loop in Cloudland Canyon brings some quite impressive views, also magnificent waterfalls and steep elevations.

Tesnatee Gap to Cowrock Mountain – 2.25 miles

This all out day hike gives you some truly killer views from the highest point of the summit. With such a short distance to travel, the Tesnatee Gap trail to Cowrock Mountain is easy to reach.

Sweetwater Creek State Park, Yellow Trail – 3 mile

Many Georgians have gone by the Sweetwater Creek State Park, however only a few know that the Yellow Trail is the trail to take. Not just would you be able to climb the edge of oak and pine trees, however, you will likewise go through the river, which rushes over the natural rock damn.

Constitution Lakes Park, Doll’s Head Trail – 2.25 miles

This urban hike lately added a trail in order to make it a loop. What marks this hike so unordinary is that it was made by volunteers who got garbage that cleaned up in the riverbeds of South River. They took the junk and transformed it into interesting trail arts all through the hike.

Tallulah Gorge, Hurricane Falls Loop – 2.25 miles

One of Georgia’s most dazzling and famous hiking destinations, Tallulah Gorge State Park offer residents and guests alike to view the carved out waterfalls and natural landscapes. The laminar flow of the Tallulah River reaches more than 2 miles long and is more than 1,000 feet deep. It’s a stand-out hike that you will always remember.

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